Yaya Papaya

Mimosa x Papaya Punch

1.25 grams

THC: 23.15%

Sunday brunches along the coast call for something a little sweet, like this tropical sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain is a dreamy mix of Mimosa and Papaya Punch with a distinct, fruity nose and a citrusy taste that will leave you wanting another puff of this Palm Tree. It will have you feeling euphoric yet energetic and focused – perfect for a day of exploring around the city.



Batch # : 225-4233-5205-1054

LIC # : C11-0000175-LIC

1 - 5
Review for Yaya Papaya

Ive rolled better ones and Ive rolled worse ones.

Review for Yaya Papaya
my humble opinion...

The fact that this is bigger than most joints you can buy is definitely a selling point, especially since there is not a major price difference. I bought 2. I actually opened one up to look at the flower inside and it did appear to be better quality than what is usually put in joints. I tried rolling it back up and smoking it but it didn’t hit very well (probably because I opened it up and tried to repack it). The second one that I didn’t open up was easy to smoke. I didn’t end up finishing either at a time, but it also doesn’t take a lot for me to get high. I was definitely experiencing a heavy but relaxed high from this. I think I would buy this product again.

Review for Yaya Papaya
YaaasYaaasss Papaya

This hit smoothly and had me feeling all the good vibes. I smoked this at day 2 of Splash House and it definitely had me feelin kinda happy go lucky and mellow but not tired. I was groovin and enjoying the DJ sets. Def bringing this to the next music festtival I attend.

Review for Yaya Papaya

I recently discovered this brand and tried a sample of this preroll. It was bigger than most other prerolls I’ve seen in stores. After smoking it I could tell that they definitely don’t use that trash leftover weed that most company’s put in their prerolls. This was high quality, POTENT weed that was grinded up and packed in there. Great high with no headache. Only thing that’s weird to me are the different packages. I thought these were different brands when I saw them all together in the store. Overall, great product tho.

Review for Yaya Papaya
brought it to thanksgiving and it was a danksgiving hit

passed it around with a few cousins and we all got high and ate way too much food so I’d say it did the job!

Review for Yaya Papaya
Not what I was expecting

I got this joint as part of a special they were having at Sherbinskis. I probably wouldn’t have bought it otherwise cuz I’d never heard of it before. I tried it though and thought it was good. Especially for one that isn’t infused, it still got me just as high. I’ll probably get another one next time I go back.

Review for Yaya Papaya
look at this
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