Rainbow Runtz

A Rare Phenotype of Runtz

1.25 grams

THC: 18.21%

It’s not everyday you see a rainbow over Los Angeles, but if you were lucky enough to see one…the pot at the end of it would be Rainbow Runtz! This perfectly split indica-sativa hybrid smells like something out of a candy shop and might make you think you just ate a skittles after taking one puff of it. Its well-balanced high will get your creative juices flowing while a calming body high sweeps over you – perfect for checking out the newest exhibit at your local art gallery.



Batch # : 225-6135-3156-1344

LIC # : C11-0001109-LIC

1 - 5
Review for Rainbow Runtz
Got me high as hell

I’d smoke it agian!

Review for Rainbow Runtz
Hits well

I had one of their pre rolls in the past and it started canoeing when I was smoking it. This time it didn’t. It burnt well and hit pretty smooth.

Review for Rainbow Runtz

This is a big joint. Great for heavy stoners…or guess you could split it if your weak lol. Good bud.

Review for Rainbow Runtz
Rainbow Runtz dominates!!

In general, but definitely my favorite strain they’ve had. Its super strong so watch out if your not expecting it then it’s totaly gonna hit you.

Review for Rainbow Runtz

Its weed and it got me high lol

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