Pink Panther

A Rare In-House Favorite

1.25 grams

THC: 17.59%

Pink Panther doesn’t just belong in Hollywood movies, it belongs at your next smoke sesh. This indica-dominant hybrid has a floral and fruity aroma that matches its flavor, along with a delightful hint of pine. It will uplift your mood and even have you feeling a bit giddy and ready for socializing – perfect for hitting the upscale or chill party scene.



Batch # : LAPT FL 100821

LIC # : C11-0001109-LIC

1 - 5
Review for Pink Panther
I love these!!

I really like prerolls in general. I just like that there easy to smoke with no mess and no bongs or anythign like that needed. These are great and I love to smoke them with someone cuz there kinda on the bigger side. Not gonna lie the pink ones are very cute which is why I bought them in the first place but was ver happy that they also got me HIGH!!

Review for Pink Panther
Not the average joint

I don’t buy joints too often because if I’m gonna have one, I’ll usually roll it myself. But I was going out to a party and forgot to bring my stash and grinder. I picked up a couple of these and was honestly impressed. They were way better than what I expected from an already made joint. They’re on the bigger side too so they were great for passing around a roto at a party.

Review for Pink Panther
One of the better prerolls

Not typically keen on store bought prerolls because they usually are full of shwag but they actually used good flower in this. Super convenient for taking weed on the go as opposed to a whole pipe ang bong which is why I bought some prerolls in the first place. I would buy this brand again.

Review for Pink Panther
Don't let the packaging fool u!!

My girlfriend picked out this joint at the dispensary (probably becuz it was pink and girlie). I was like whatever this shit’s gonna be light…….nah my friend. We got STONED. Smoking it was smooth like butter.

Review for Pink Panther
Couldn't even finish!

I didn’t realize it was 1.25 grams when I bought it lol. I smoke bowls but I wanted to grab a few joints b/c I was going to a party. The party was lame so I ended up smoking it by myself ahha it was more than I could finish in one sesh. I saved it and smoke it the next day and it was just as good. Honestly got super faded from just smoking a third of it.

Review for Pink Panther
It was good

Not the best but it was good. Better than alota other ones though.

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