There are a myriad of hip spots, fun activities, and thrilling adventures that await you in Los Angeles, many of which you have probably already done or at least heard of. Checking out the Griffith Observatory, going on a Universal Studios tour, taking a dip at Venice Beach, riding the Ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier, and peddling a swan boat across Echo Park lake are all great things to do at least once. Chances are though, if you live in LA you probably already marked most of those off your checklist. So we put together a list of some of the less common activities to do in LA that are of course fun without the help of weed, but are even more enjoyable after a few puffs of a Los Angeles Palm Trees Premium Preroll. After reviewing dozens of places, here are the top 10 best things to do while high in Los Angeles County.

** Important Note: Most of these attractions are kid-friendly, however we do not advise that you consume any type of cannabis products if you plan on accompanying anyone under the age of 21. Please also keep in mind that all but one of these attractions allow for on-site cannabis consumption. Consumption must be completed beforehand.

  1. Wisdome LA – Downtown Los Angeles 

While MOMA and LACMA will always be a couple of LA’s favorite art museums, why not check out one of the city’s newest art exhibits instead. Wisdome LA is not your typical art exhibit…it’s a journey through time, space, and the sacred universe. This colorful, immersive art park located in the Arts District of Downtown LA has 3 dome structures that feature interactive art installations and attractions from 3 artists. It includes 6 immersive shows and seminars that focus on healing the chakras through breathwork and meditation. WIth a mix of projection, visionary, fractal, graphic, meditative, and installation art, along with dancers, music, and performances, it’s an out-of-this-dimension adventure that some find to be a spiritually uplifting phenomenon. For you festival lovers out there, you will be excited to see some artwork that was previously featured at Burning man, Coachella, and ARTECHOUSE. Finally, when the munchies kick in you’ll have a variety of tasty LA food truck and food stands to choose from including multiple vegan options. Just be sure that you purchase the Mystic Universe PLUS tickets that includes the food vendors. In addition to the regular happenings, Wisdome LA is also proud to host special events that vary from dance parties with live underground DJs, to sound healing journeys, and other intriguing events. Just be sure to check their online calendar and note that these events have separate ticket prices. The whole Wisdoem LA experience is a trip even if you’re not stoned….Of course taking even just one hit of an indica dominant preroll like Pink Panther before hand is sure to transcend an already mind blowing experience.

Regular Admission Ticket Prices & Hours:

Weekend After Dark Fri, Sat & Sun –  6pm – 10pm: 

Single: $50, Couples (2): $85, Group (6): $200

Weekend Daytime Fri, 4pm – 6pm & Sat-Sun – 12pm – 6pm:

Single: $50, Couples (2): $85, Group (6): $200

Weekday Wed & Thu – 4pm-10pm:

Single $50, Couples (2) $85, Group (6) $200

  1. Sturtevant Falls Trail – Arcadia

Many would say that one of the best ways to enjoy a good high is through connecting with nature. One of the beautiful parts about Los Angeles is that there are a variety of landscapes within a short distance  –  from the beach, to the desert, to the mountains…Angelinos are truly lucky. The Angeles National Forest is one of SoCal’s biggest areas of open nature with over 70,000 acres and over 200 hiking trails. These trails range from easy beginner level, to more moderate, all the way to very strenuous. If you are looking for an easy and relatively short trail that’s full of beautiful trees and running water, then get on your hiking shoes and check out the Sturtevant Falls Trail. This short hike is only 3.3 miles but the journey begins before you even step one foot on the trail. Accessing this part of the Big Santa Anita Canyon area of the Angeles Forest means you will have to drive up the windy road known as Chantry Flat Road. If you’ve never driven it before, it can be a bit scary as you are constantly winding around the mountains, but it’s truly a scenic route with a breathtaking view that overlooks LA county. Once you get to the Chantry Flats parking lot, you’ll find yourself at the beginning of the trailhead for Sturtevant Falls along with the start of a few other trails. As you descend on this forest hike and see the tall trees towering over you, you’ll feel as though you are in a land far-far away from Los Angeles. You’ll even come across a few small cabins sprinkled throughout the trail that almost look like little homes for gnomes. These idyllic cabins are actually sometimes occupied by the people that have owned them since before the area was designated as National land. Along the way, you’ll hear the gentle stream of creek water that gradually loudens leading up to a man-made dam. Finally, the prize at the end of the trail is a 50 foot moss covered rock waterfall with a shallow but refreshing plunge pool perfect for dipping your toes in. Overall, the hike is quite a magical experience in nature that can be heightened after enjoying some premium whole flower prerolls by Los Angeles Palm Trees.


Free to hike

Chantry Flats parking: $5 cash

Regular Hours: 

6AM – 10AM daily

**Note: Check All Trails before you plan your visit as this trail is sometimes closed during fire season or due to recent/ current fires in the area.

  1. Hsi Lai Temple – Hacienda Heights

LA county is home to people with roots from all over the world. One of the perks of living here is the opportunity to learn about a variety of diverse cultures. If you are interested in a cultural learning experience, we highly recommend visiting the Hi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights to truly discover the Buddhist culture. This traditional Buddhist temple is a gem nestled into the Hacienda hills of LA county, but it feels more like a trip to a foreign country. The temple welcomes all visitors to explore the halls, courtyard, gardens, shrine, meditation center, art gallery, tea room, buffet hall, and bookstore to learn about the Buddhist lifestyle. There are guided and self-guided tours available so that visitors can dig deep into the history and practice of Buddhism, along with an understanding of the temple and how it serves the community. There is also Sunday Dharma Service offered every Sunday in which the head minister delivers a spoken message known as “Howa”. Oftentimes during these services, an ornate ritual bell is rung and fragranced incense is lit, a practice which signifies our hopes and prayers drifting off  into the universe. While the entire interior of the temple is a masterpiece decorated with elaborate art, the Main Shrine might be the most beautiful site. Every inch of the wall and ceiling in the Main Shrine is covered in detailed patterns of gold, while 3 large statues of Sakyamuni Buddha sit peacefully at the front of the room symbolizing wisdom, compassion, and virtue. While Dharma service is held every Sunday, there are plenty of other events and services offered throughout the month, including yoga and meditation lessons. Be sure to check the organization’s calendar before going so you can plan your trip around one of these enlightening events. Lastly, we recommend getting a little high off some good LAPT rolled flower before embarking on the cultural journey in order to achieve your zen, only if you are able to maintain your composure and be respectful of the divine temple and its members.

Admission Price:

Free Admission and free self-guided tours

Guided Tour Prices:

Individuals  – $1 

Groups of 15 or more – $2/person
*Tips are welcomed

Regular Hours: 

Monday – Sunday: 9AM – 5PM

  1. Yoga on the Bluffs – Long Beach

When you’re unwinding the mind with cannabis, why not unwind your body too? Yoga is an excellent way to release stress and tension within the body and enjoying a preroll before hand can really help loosen you up and put you in a more relaxed state. Of course, there is always an option to do yoga at home or at one of the many fancy LA yoga studios. However, if you want a truly communal yoga experience and a beautiful scenic view to match it, then make your way to the edge of LA county and do an outdoor yoga class on the Bluffs in Long Beach. At 11AM every day, Yogalution – a donation based yoga studio in the LBC, hosts a guided yoga class that is welcome to everyone in the community along with anyone visiting the area. During this roughly 1 hour class you’ll be practicing yoga with dozens of other people on a spacious, grassy area that overlooks the ocean. The instructors rotate depending on the day but they are all highly trained yogis from the Yogalution studio. What’s great is that they both demonstrate and talk you through each and every pose so that you know exactly how to move your body. This is an all-level class so they will also modify poses for beginners as well as more advanced yogis. The session typically begins and ends with the instructors delivering words of self-empowerment and self-love which are sure to put you in a great mood. As if stretching your body and watching the ships sail by in the ocean weren’t enough, this place is also dog friendly so you might find yourself doing practicing downward dog right next to an adorable pup! Go early and you’ll have time to meet and chat with new people and make friends. And don’t worry, you’re likely to find other cannabis friendly people who will gladly join you on a pre-yoga preroll. 

Class Price:

Free (suggested donation of $15 encouraged)

Daily (Monday – Sunday) at 11AM 

Class Location:

Long Beach, CA on the corner of Ocean and Junipero on the grassy Bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Just look for the crowd gathering around the trees!

  1. Hollywood Forever – Hollywood

Whether it’s with friends or for a date night, going to a movie theater to watch a new flick is a classic American free-time outing. Next time you go though, skip the sticky floors and uncomfortable seats at the theater and go for a more cryptic movie viewing experience at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. This 122 year old cemetery is a forever home to some of Hollywood’s biggest deceased stars including Douglas Fairbanks Sr, Mel Blanc, Mickey Rooney, Chris Cornell, and Bugsy Seigel just to name a few. The 62 acre eternal resting place is full of more than 80,000 beautiful gravesites all placed perfectly among the cemetery’s lush green grass. The wide open lawns and decorated graves make this the perfect place to bring a lawn chair, a blanket, and some snacks to sit back and watch a movie during a warm evening. You probably won’t find your newest blockbuster playing here, but you’re sure to see some old time movies and cult classics. Movie viewings at the cemetery are offered in the summer during the evenings, but don’t worry, that’s not all this cemetery has to offer. Throughout the rest of the year, visitors are welcome to roam about the lawn and pay respect to the many notable figures buried there. Guided tours are available on the weekends to those interested in learning more about the history. They also host numerous entertaining events throughout the year which are held at the cemetery’s Masonic Lodge including concerts, magic shows, cultural events, and more. Whether you’re going just for a grave viewing, a movie viewing, or one of the various other events offered, you’ll be sure to thoroughly appreciate the beauty and history of one of Hollywood’s most historical and oldest sites after enjoying some of Hollywood’s most favored cannabis

Admission Price:


Movie Screening Prices:

Typically $15 – $40/person depending on the ticket

Concerts and other events:

Price varies depending on event – check event calendar

Guided tour (hosted by outside organization) – $25/person 

  1. Puff and Paint Class – Locations Vary

Do you enjoy doing something creative when you’re high? Then a Puff and Paint class is right up your alley! Unlike all of the other things to do on this list, this is the only one that actually allows you to consume cannabis during the activity. During this class, participants are provided with all of the paint materials needed to create their own canvas paintings. An instructor guides the class on how to paint a particular scene or other imagery while encouraging everyone to add their own signature touches and ideas to their work. Instructors, including the founder Heidi Keyes, are trained art professionals who have a passion for the arts and cannabis. Cannabis consumption is welcomed and sharing of cannabis products is allowed, however cannabis consumption is not required in order to participate in the class. While you might be thinking, “Can’t I just paint and smoke at home?”, we assure you that the joy of gathering together with other cannabis lovers with paint skills of all levels is truly unmatched. Paint and Puffs are a great place to bring your friends or meet new people and just relax in a super chill environment where you can let your creativity juices flow through you and onto your canvas. While you are sure to find cannabis at the event, why not bring the party and gift everyone at the event with a perfectly split indica-sativa hybrid premium preroll like Rainbow Runtz so that you can all be on the same vibe? With good greens, a skilled teacher, and the right paint tools you’ll be sure to create a Marijuana fueled masterpiece!

Class Price:

$49/ adult


Check website calendar for upcoming class availability, time, and locations

  1. Madcap Motel – The Arts District Los Angeles

Do you find things that are out-of-the-box to be intriguing? If you enjoy things that are a little odd and unusual, Madcap Motel might be the perfect place to experience an inquisitive high. What exactly is Madcap Motel? It’s kind of hard to describe. First off, it’s not a real motel that you can stay at. It’s an immersive experience that takes place in a retro 60’s style motel. Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in what appears to be a motel lobby from the 1960’s with actors that play the part of hotel staff members, guests, and even…well…walking plants. As you travel from one room to the next, it will appear as if you’re moving through time. You might just knock on a door and open it to find that you’re walking into another dimension. We know what you’re thinking, “Is this just another pop-up exhibit to get some cool photos for the gram?” Rest assured, Madcap isn’t just another LA Instagram photo opp museum. It goes far beyond that and makes a name for itself as a truly unique, roadside experience unlike no other. You will see some magic tricks, illusions, and you might be asked to help look for missing items by one of the live role-play actors. It’s important to note that it is in no-way a jump-scare maze or an anxiety ridden escape room of some sort. Madcap is it’s own category of peculiar experiences. You may find yourself questioning the surroundings or confused by the nature of the place, but it’s more of a vacation from reality than anything else. At Madcap their goal is to blur the lines between what’s real and imagination, making it the perfect after smoke sesh quest through a surreal existence. 


Adults (12+) – $40


Monday – Thursday – closed

Friday: 2PM – 10PM

Saturday 11AM – 10PM

Sunday 11AM – 7PM

  1. Los Angeles County Arboretum – Arcadia

If you’re reading this, you must already be a cannabis plant friendly person. However, if you’re a general plant connoisseur then take a hit of some greens and take a stroll on a sunny afternoon through the Los Angeles Arboretum located in Arcadia. This hidden gem is actually quite large with 127 acres, making it slightly larger than Disneyland, and is home to 11 gardens with thousands of plants. They showcase species of plants from all over the world including Africa, Australia, Madagascar, the Canary Islands, and other areas of the globe. The grounds also include a couple of historical structures such as the Queen Anne Cottage, once a wedding gift to Elias Jackson Baldwin in 1886, as well as The Santa Anita Depot which is an abandoned train station built in 1890. Both sites are well-preserved and add a beautiful architectural touch to the landscape. What makes this place all the more special is the wildlife that roam the gardens. If you like birds then you will be mesmerized by the hundreds of wild peacocks that show off their magnificent feathers, and the dozens of ducks and geese that you’ll find waddling through the greens or going for a dip in one of the various ponds. If you get the munchies, there are a few quaint little cafes throughout the arboretum that serve sandwiches, soups, salads, pastries, and snacks. With the vast open lawns throughout the grounds, it may be tempting to have a picnic on the grass. However, outside food and beverage are not allowed in the Arboretum, but you many visitors enjoy a picnic on the lawn outside the Arboretum. With copious amounts of plants to gaze upon and vibrant colors all around you, you’ll be able to get the most of your high by spending hours admiring some of nature’s greatest creations in the Plantae Kingdom.

Admission TIckets: 

Adults –  $15.00

Students with ID. and Seniors age 62 and older – $11.00


9AM – 4:30PM daily and closed on Christmas. 

  1. Moonlight Roller Rink – Glendale

Want to feel like you’re taking a step (or skate) back in time? Then roll on down to the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale. This retro gem is one of the few roller rinks still open in LA and welcomes thousands or roller skaters every year. Moonlight Rollerway first opened as Harry’s Roller Rink in 1956 and was taken over by its current owner Dominic Cangelosi in 1985. Since taking over, Dominic has preserved the 80’s aesthetics to create a nostalgic atmosphere. Visitors can get the chance to spend up to 3 hours skating on the original 2 ½ inch maple wood floors while grooving to some throwback tunes and today’s hottest hits. Most nights have a live DJ that welcomes song requests except on Tuesday nights in which the owner himself plays live Organ music. He’s played almost every week since he’s taken over management more than 3 decades ago! This groovy spot also has a snack bar with a menu that includes typical fair food favorites that will definitely hit that munchie spot. And if you are worried about not being much of a skater or even a first time skater, don’t worry. There are classes available for all levels on their schedule. Rental skates are available on-site and of course visitors are welcome to bring their own skates if they prefer. Best of all, they even have different themed nights where skaters are encouraged to dress up and group parties are welcome. So whether you’re a beginner looking for your first lesson, or a pro looking to make some laps, smoke a preroll and roll on by!


$15 – $20 for most sessions

$20+ for classes 

$35 for private instruction 

Skate Rentals: $6


Their summer, winter, and holiday schedules vary so be sure to check their online schedule for time and pricing 

  1. Two-Bit Circus – Downtown LA

Looking to get high and play around? Two Bit Circus is the perfect place for those who love to play games and compete with friends. This adult arcade is the Dave and Busters of the future but with better games and interactive experiences. Not only can you find all of the classic carnival and arcade games here, they have some of the best new cult hits as well as their own original games. Want to experience virtual reality? They have an entire arena full of motion platforms, haptic peripherals, and free roaming. If you go with a group, you can even reserve one of their Escape Rooms which allows for 4 -6 players. Then, when you get a little tired from all the playing around, you can sit back and watch some live entertainment at their Club 01 which includes comics, karaoke singers, magicians, and even interactive game shows. There’s so many gaming and entertainment options to choose from, there will never be a dull moment. Just make sure you get there as soon as they open so that you have enough time to do everything at least once. Last but not least, it wouldn’t truly be an adult arcade without a full bar and classic fair food options to choose from. So if you’re looking for some highly engaging fun with your smoke buddies, smoke a sativa dominant strain like Yaya Papaya to get you feeling energized and ready to get your gaming on at Two Bit Circus.


Tickets – each $70 general admission package includes park access for 2 guests and one $70 playing card valid towards the purchase of attractions and/ or food and beverages. Each additional ticket is $35


Monday – Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 6PM – 12AM

Friday: 6PM – 11AM

Saturday: 5PM – 12AM

Sunday: 1PM – 7PM

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