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no sticks.  no stems.  no shake.  no trim.

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Like the wind gently blowing through the leaves of the palms, Los Angeles Palm Trees premium prerolls will get you in that California state of mind. Each premium preroll is made with 100% cannabis. Our product is rolled, packaged, and tested at a licensed facility in the heart of Los Angeles to assure premium quality.

Los Angeles Palm Trees has the hottest assortment of premium strains, perfect for any occasion! Whether it’s a night out in Hollywood, a beach day at Malibu, a bike ride through Griffith Park, or art viewing at the Getty Museum, you’ll get the high you’re looking for. Experience true California dreamin’ with our unique cannabis lifestyle.

Whole Flower 

Hand Finished

Nitro Blasted

Mango Brûlée

Pink Lemonade

Cherry OG Kush

All About The Process

Certified Nitro Blasted Cannabis products are packaged to stay fresh and preserve terpenes. The Nitro Blasting Process eliminates the possibility of any loss in a product’s quality. It also protects products from the threat of damages that can occur between manufacturing and consumption.  

A cannabis professional places the product into a uniquely designed mylar bag. Oxygen and any air impurities are then forced out of the bag. Nitrogen is then injected into the mylar bag to preserve terpenes. Finally the bag is tightly sealed and is ready to be distributed to cannabis retailers. Once purchased, the consumer can expect a premium preroll with high freshness!

More than a brand. We’re a lifestyle.
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Want to get rolled by LAPT? Need a new preroll brand in your store? Want to impress your friends at your next smoke sesh? Hit us up with any questions, feedback, or stories about how your high was.